Our main objective is to seek and provide employment opportunities to Nepalese workers to overseas countries legally and also to improve economical condition of our countrymen. We make all efforts to keep in touch with workers sent abroad for employment until their contract is over and also ensure that the workers are adequately insured in case of serious injuries or death. We look toward the co-operation of labour importing countries for the supply of Nepalese human resources. This would definitely strengthen the friendship between our nations and also support our national development.

Why Hire Nepalese Workers ?

Nepalese workers are well known for their hard labour, loyalty, discipline and high sense of responsibilities. We are peace loving, loyal and devoted. The employers do get the advantage of wider choice due to availability of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers in all fields for immediate placement. Comparatively Nepalese workers are more cost effective and also possess inherent quality to work even in extreme climatic conditions. Therefore Nepalese workers are the right asset and economically advantageous to the employers. Also Nepal is very close to Gulf countries easily linked by air with almost all the major cities of the world.